Traditional Turkish Cuisine

A variety of traditional food can be listed. Here are some foods and drinks that you can try when you are in Turkey;

Kebap: Kebap is a common name of different types of meat which is mostly grilled.

Serpme Kahvaltı: Serpme kahvaltı is a type of breakfast, in which a lot of different breakfast food is served.

Baklava and Künefe: Baklava and künefe are both desserts with syrup.

Mantı: Mantı (pasty) contains mince covered with dough, finished with yogurt, tomato sauce and spices.

Meze: Meze is a common name of different kinds of appetizers that mostly served in taverns and restaurants as a side dish.


Ankara Simidi: Ankara simidi is a type of bagel which tastes a bit different than a regular bagel. It is different than most of the bagels that you can eat in any other city in Turkey. Turkish people mostly eat Ankara simidi with cream cheese.

Türk Kahvesi: Known as Turkish coffee. It is a type of strong coffee which is served in a little cup. 

Rakı: Known as Turkish Raki. It is an anisette. Turkish people generally drink Rakı for dinner with "meze", seafood or kebab.

Kokoreç: Kokoreç is a meat which  made of lamb intestine. Mostly eaten as a sandwich.

Lokum: Known as Turkish Delight.

Döner: Döner is thin slices of beef or chicken. You can also find Turkish döner in many other countries.