There are different neigborhoods that you can find places to spend time at night. Here you can find a list below;

Night Lİfe

Bestekar Sokak, Tunus Caddesi and Tunalı Hilmi Caddesi

Bars, Cafe&Bars, Performance Hall, Restaurants, Restaurant&Bars, Taverns

Armada Hayat Sokağı

Pub, Restaurants, Restaurant&Bars, Taverns

Bilkent Station and Ankuva

Bars, Restaurants, Restaurant&Bars

Tepe Prime Avenue

Cafes, Cafe&Bars, Performance Hall, Pubs, Restaurants, Taverns


Cafes, Cafe&Bars, Pubs, Restaurants, Taverns

Bahçeli 3. Cadde (Azerbaycan Caddesi)

Bars, Pubs, Cafes

Bahçeli 7. Cadde (Aşkabat Caddesi)

Bars, Cafes, Restaurants, Taverns (7 Kapı Meyhaneler Sokağı)

Sakarya Caddesi

Bars, NightClub, Restaurants, Taverns


There is no neighborhood or street that night clubs are placed close to each other. So, you should have a look at websites like TripAdvisor.


Pavyon is a kind of Turkish traditional night club that mostly men go. If you want to go to a pavyon, we advise you to do research before you go, to find a decent one.

Concert and Performance Halls

The most popular and preffered concert halls are listed below;


Bilkent Symphony Orchestra

Presidency Symphony Orchestra



Hayal Kahvesi

Jolly Joker

IF Performance Hall

Gaga Play


There are almost 20 theatres in Ankara, but it is hard to find a theatre play performed in foreign languages. Therefore, we do not list the theatres. If you have a question about theatres, please contact us.


You can check State Opera and Ballet's website for program by clicking here.

Theatre Opera Ballet