Urban Transportation

From Esenboğa Airport to the City Center

There are three options; taxi, public transportation and car rental.

Taxi : Taxi will cost between 100 - 150 TL according to your point of destination.

Car rental : You can find car rental companies both in domestic and international arrival terminals.

Public Transportation : There are two different companies that you can choose; Belko Air and Havaş. Although, both companies charge the same amount  (11 TL) and their final point of destination (AŞTİ - Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal) are the same, the routes of these companies are different than each other. Havaş uses the beltway and goes around the city, Belko Air crosses the city center and also stops at the Train Station.

Bekleme alanı


There are 5 different metro lines and a telpher line in Ankara. You have to have Ankara Card in order to use the subway. You can buy disposable or permenant Ankara Card from the vending machines in metro stations. Permenant card is advised to travel cheaper. Subway works between 06.00 am and 01.00 am.

Public Bus

There are two different types of buses. One of them is municipality bus and the other is private public bus. You have to have Ankara Card or credit card that has contactless payment feature to use  both municipality buses and private public buses. The difference between those, occasionally, they use different routes. The buses with "EGO" abbreviation in front of them are municipality buses. Most of the public bus lines work till the midnight but 35 public bus lines work 24 hours.

EGO Bus.jpg
Ankara Dolmush.jpg


There is also the minibus option which is mostly more comfortable than public buses. Minibuses do not have route number, the route is written in front of the minibuses. You can use the minibuses only by paying cash.